We solve real life problems for everyday people

We’re a small, remote-first team with big backing, who make it easier for people to connect by embracing complexity.

Our mission-driven and customer-obsessed designers and researchers help everyday people get things done in their home.

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Who we are

At TaskRabbit, we treat each other like family. We don’t beat around the bush, have each other’s backs, and are unafraid to be curious and speak our minds. “Always be learning” is our mantra, and we advocate for our customers by being open-minded, thoughtful and empathetic.

Small but mighty and no stranger to complex problems, our team includes product designers, visual designers and researchers. Our lean size and remote-first structure allow us to work closely together from anywhere, while directly impacting the TaskRabbit experience and business strategy.

Our health and well-being is a top priority. We share and support each other’s interests and hobbies outside of work, including fine art, hiking, cooking, music, and hanging with our pets, who serve as our official team mascots.

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We come from all over the globe

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We absolutely love our pets

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We’re obsessed with our customers

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How we work

At TaskRabbit, we work collaboratively and cross-functionally with a variety of teams, which means we approach every new project with an open-mind. We create a safe space to explore where all voices are heard and rely on each other to call out any biases or assumptions. We champion for the everyday person with conviction and strive to know our customers better than they know themselves.

Every member of the design team is commited to keeping each other accountable, which means sharing work early and often, even when it might feel uncomfortable. We aim for clarity and quality within our work, while being respectful and thoughtful partners with our stakeholders.

We trust and empower each other

We boldly navigate ambiguity

We make confident, well-informed decisions

We value our relationships

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Our process & tools

Our product design process uses the double-diamond framework to solve problems in two distinct phases: the problem phase and the solution phase. This allows our designers to navigate through ambiguity while generating and evaluating ideas in each phase.

We partner closely with product managers to facilitate collaboration and leverage the right feedback at the right time. Our stakeholders are involved from the beginning for clarity and alignment.

Since we are remote-first, we use a variety of tools to collaborate efficiently, including FigJam, Miro, and Confluence. We meet weekly over Google Meet to keep each other informed and get feedback on works in progress.

Tools we use:

  • Confluence
  • Dovetail
  • Figma/FigJam
  • Miro
  • Userlytics
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